Thursday, 22 November 2012

Winter Bride Accessories

So you may have read my last post, all about Christmas themed weddings. I covered topics such as Wedding Dress ideas, entertainment and venue decoration... But I want to take a little bit of a more in-depth view as to how to become The Ultimate Bride this Christmas.
One of the most important planning issues is how you're going to accessorise The Dress. Are you going to make the dress the main feature and aim for simplicity and a low-key look? Or do you want diamonds dripping off you, and lots of non-stop detail? If you're the latter, and getting married at Christmas time - then this is the blog post for you!
I have to admit, I do love it when a bride is willing to push the boundaries and look extra-ordinary. It makes my job a whole lot more exciting when a bride is wanting to try on something I've never seen another bride dare try on. For example, the birdcage veils. As you've probably read me mention elsewhere - the vintage theme is HUGE at the moment!

Q: What completes a themed wedding?
A: Attention to detail.
Lets take an example; from a personal perspective, the birdcage veil immediately creates that vintage look. Forget about the dress for a moment (did I really just say that?!), an engaged woman could walk down that aisle in nothing but a garter and a birdcage veil and I would immediately think "Vintage Wedding" just by looking at that glorious accessory on her head. A birdcage veil is a major statement piece, and all though a little daring, you'd be surprised how many can pull it off. You don't need a particular head shape, hair colour or jaw line to carry off this fantastic, bold look. All you need is confidence and a clear image in your mind of how many heads you want to turn on your big day!
Sorry - there I go again, waffling on about vintage weddings! I promise I'll try stay on track. My point is, when you find your theme - why not really devote your day to it? To make a really impressive impact on your guests, keep your eye out for ways to incorporate the theme itself. The best way of doing this basically, is by accessorising yourself appropriately!
OK, you're a bride, getting married in Winter, with the theme Christmas guiding you through your planning. What on earth can you do to your outfit on the day, that insinuates Christmas, winter and magic subtly - without wearing a Santa Hat and arriving to the ceremony on a sleigh being pulled by reindeer? 
Well, there is an awful lot that can be done to a wedding dress. A lot of brides tend to think when the dress is bought, that's that. Her outfit starts and ends with that dress how it was bought....... wrong! Things can be added, taken away, designed and sewn, to personalise that dress and make sure no one else has anything like it!
My favourite way of doing this for a bride, is by adding a belt (and by belt I do not mean a nice black, leather, buckled belt). There are so many on the market, and they can really add a touch of glamour and uniqueness to your dress. Such as this Justin Alexander, pearl and diamond encrusted sash made of dupioni fabric. The leaf and floral motifs really add to that winter feel.
Style: A003
Belts like this suit dresses that have very little beading, sparkle or detail. They can really liven up an all lace gown, by having it sat on your waist, and drawing the eye to the smallest part of your body.
Another option (or necessity, especially if you're in England) as a bride getting married at this time of year is a cover of some sorts. Whether that be a little lace bolero, or a full hooded cape. There are so many options out there for a bride, whatever the season! Winter time however, is a fabulous way to add some sophistication and sobriety to your wedding dress.
The best website I've seen for this is They have some incredible options available to you, and not at too steep a price either!
One of my favourite pieces is this fur shrug at an amazing price of just £95.00. Not only this, but for a little extra cost you can get a personalised label inside, and have your new name embroidered on it. They also ship worldwide which is a massive bonus!
A piece like this looks gorgeous in any winter wedding, and it's great for pictures too. Especially ones taken outside, it really adds to that winter feel with that little touch of glamour!
Little shrugs like this also look absolutely adorable on flower girls, and very classy on bridesmaids! It's amazing how one little piece of fur fabric, can add so much class and style to a mixture of people. No matter the age or role at the wedding, a piece like this is not to be overlooked!
If you're wanting to fur-get the fur (...I'm so sorry), why not take a step closer to covering yourself in some sparkle instead? Nothing screams winter-wonderland, than having you glinting and shimmering in the light of your venue. Add some glamour another way, by having an eye-catching head piece like this very snow-princess-looking tiara. Although they can be worn at anytime of the year, they just seem to look a lot more fitting during the winter months. The regal look of them is something to be admired, and can really make you feel like the ultimate-princess that day.
Still not enough sparkle for you? You should consider exchanging your flowers for some bling! Brooch bouquets are taking the wedding market by storm and are becoming incredibly popular. One benefit of this idea, is the fact that you won't have to worry about it dying or staining anything! You can choose your brooches, or find a ready-made one, and that's it! The best thing about them, is that regardless of the season they can be as bright or as simple as you want, for a very Christmassy look - why not try silvers, golds and ivories?
They really are a show-stopper and are only just growing in popularity. If you want something that's hardly ever been done, a brooch bouquet is definitely an option. Visit for some inspiration on this fantastically unique idea!  
If you've just started your planning and are getting married at Christmas time in the next few years - I hope this may have inspired you to consider some unique detailing!
If you're near the end of your planning and are getting married this Christmas - I hope this may have helped spur you to go do some last-minute shopping!

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