Thursday, 8 November 2012

The vintage wedding theme

So 2012 saw the rise in popularity of the vintage styled, shabby-chic wedding theme. It introduced brides to explore the ideas of pastel colour pallettes, classic cars, whitewashed wood, bunting decoration, antique iron birdcages, farmhouse venues and handmade wedding favours. Regardless of what a bride has spent during the planning process on this theme, the required outcome is something that is supposed to look "thrown together" and effortlessly done.
What's also great about this theme is the amount of personal touches you can add throughout the decoration. I really love this, because I am one of those who favours sentiment, and I especially enjoy the weddings when the couple themselves has added personal aspects. From my point of view, it gives the guests a better understanding of the two of them, and demonstrates the love and that's brought them to where they are on that special day!
One of the main reasons I am so pleased that this vintage theme has risen to popularity, is the fact that is has reintroduced the elegance of The Lace Dress. Ahh, The Lace Dress - it's had its highs and lows and it's funny to think that merely 5 years ago lace was seen as a boring, granny-like, netcurtain-esque (yes - that is a word) fabric, and here it is now at the peak of bridal fashion. This is another reason that I love fashion in general, the way in which fashions, trends and opinions change is fascinating and how people can be influenced by merely a fashion icon wearing something once. The prime example of this in the wedding industry, is that of our very own princess, Kate Middleton, who wore the infamous lace gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexader McQueen. She is lady who I would hold responsible for making lace the wedding fashion statement of the year,  I do actually want to dedicate an entire blog post to this fabulous woman and ofcourse that dress (so stay tuned!) Therefore I am actually trying to refrain myself from going off on a tangent here... Let's just say if it wasn't for her wearing that stunning gown last April, lace probably wouldn't be as popular as it is right now. (I also want to quickly commend myself for keeping that part about K Middy so short)
Currently, brides-to-be having every single shape, style and silhoutte possible all with with elements of lace, whether it be figure hugging, slim line and covered in chantilly lace like this Amanda Wakeley gown from the Morocco collection...
Style: AW156

... Or whether the dress has a full skirt with the traditional princess look, like this Justin Alexander half tulle/half lace. The high neckline on this with the lace overlay radiates elegance and it also helps the bride step away from the traditional neckline that the majority of these full-skirted dresses have. The small silk gloves, the pop of red lipstick and the twisted loose updo all contribute to that vintage look...
Style: 8630
Regardless of the silhoutte, pattern, quantity or type of the lace on a dress, it is definitely the must have for the majority of brides who are aiming for a vintage themed wedding. The lace dress is the pièce de résistance in a sense, and a vintage wedding is complete with one. Put it this way, it is basically the very elegant, beautiful, ultimate-bride cherry on top!
So if any of you reading this, are headed to a wedding with this theme, prepare yourself for delicateness, daintiness and perfection. If you're lucky enough to have been invited to one of these fabulous occasions, I urge you to get involved. A vintage styled wedding is not one to be missed!

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