Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The first of many!

For many, many years I have sat reading bridal blogs, collecting monthly wedding magazines and followed as many people from the bridal industry on Twitter as possible. Just to get a small taste of the beauty that is the Bridal Fashion industry.
After successfully landing my dream job of working alongside the gorgeous dresses and being able to show the beauty of these dresses to blushing brides, I have decided to start a blog.
I have to apologise now, as my only true experience of the blogging scene is by reading blog after blog of others, who have digitally shared their creativity and imagination in everything they are passionate about.
I hope to inspire other women in this industry, whether they work, simply admire or are indeed, brides-to-be by sharing with you my love of the written word and beautiful gowns. I intend on bringing to you all the upcoming fashion within the Bridal world, and share with you stories, memories, dreams, videos, blog posts and pictures.

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