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William and Kate - The Royal Wedding

Who doesn't love a Royal Wedding? It's that classic dream every little girl has when she dresses herself up in a tiara and a princess costume. The dream of marrying Prince Charming. I hold Walt Disney responsible for making me believe that I would indeed, one day marry a Prince. Recently however, I've had to come to terms with the fact that it probably won't be happening to me, it's OK - I can learn to live with it... *sobs*. We've all read the stories, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty - they all get swept of their feet, marry the Prince and indeed, live Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, we are in the real world, fairy tales are all very well and good, but we all know that doesn't happen in real life. But who's to say that can stop us living Happily Ever After too?
The carriage that Cinderella and the Prince take after the wedding has an emblem of a sword and two hidden Mickey Mouse heads around it.
A royal wedding however, can bring that fantasy to life. Let's face it, I don't know one person in my social groups who didn't spend the 29th of April last year sat in front of their television in absolute awe and giddiness. Mostly in anticipation to see the dress (what else?!). Will and Kate's wedding day last year, really demonstrated how a Royal Wedding can really unite a nation. I know it can sometimes cause a controversial topic of conversation - but personally, I fully support the British Monarchy. I think they're an absolute iconic cultural factor for our country and I'm extremely proud of everything they represent. I do think however, the royal family in the UK had a lot of bad press around the millennium, they didn't have much support and moral was low. However, that wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine I think really demonstrated how proud we should all be to have them representing our nation. One thing, I think however, that made everybody really love this wedding even more, and accept Kate into that family is the fact that she isn't actually royalty. That fantasy I was referring to earlier, about young girls dreaming of marrying a prince - was made real when Will and Kate announced their engagement. Will and Kate's wedding brought a young, fashionable outlook on the Royal Family. Not only do we here in the UK love them - the world loves them.
I have to admit, I turned my television on at around 7am that morning last April in sheer excitement to see Kate's dress. There had been rumours flying left, right and centre about style, shape, fabric, colour, etc. and it amazes me how not one of us could have guessed what she actually ended up wearing. I have to be honest, I couldn't have put money on any factor of the outfit - all I knew is that it would be absolutely stunning. Well, I got that part right.
This was everyones first glimpse of Kate and it gave me butterflies. The pride in her fathers face shone, and rightly so - she was already, arguably the most stunning bride I had ever seen, and I had only seen her face - which was covered by a veil. If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what will. The lace did shock me to begin with, I think I naturally envisioned her in a dress identical to Princess Diana's, I really don't know why.
My stomach was in knots (Yes, I do understand how sad that statement is), and the moment came when she stepped out of the car and we could all see her dress in full view. It absolutely took my breath away. The photo below is one of my absolute favourites, Kate is looking at her sister, Pippa as if to say "This is really happening!". Which again reiterates that fairytale story, a young, normal girl, marrying the man of her dreams - who also happens to be a prince.
I immediately noted the similarities with Diana's dress, the full skirt, the satin sheen, the veil, the ivory bouquet, the tiara, and most importantly - the sheer radiance. Kate's dress does have a ton of similarities, but is just designed on, shall we say, a smaller scale and fitted into the 21st century perfectly.
I was absolutely transfixed the minute Kate arrived. I was actually asked to move out the way of the TV at one point, I had unconsciously shifted as close as possible towards the screen. Kate and her father began their trek down the mammoth aisle of Westminster Abbey. Her poise and confidence was incredible, a girl who hadn't been brought up in the public eye, now had millions of eyes all on her and she took to it so naturally. Her nerves seemed nonexistent and her smile was infectious.
My personal highlight of the entire day were the little conversations that happened at the altar. Firstly, when Prince Harry turned to his big brother, and said "Here she is now", and the way Harry looked at Kate in absolute astonishment and pride that she was soon to be his sister-in-law. And again when Kate finally got the altar, Wills face was unforgettable, he turned to her and said how lovely she looked, he too, in absolute awe. The ultimate part of these conversations at the altar was when Kate's father, Michael turned to the couple and said, "We were supposed to have just a small family affair." I couldn't help but think about how long he had been waiting to say that comment, and imagining his face when he came up with it, "Sheer genius!", he must have thought. I also wondered how many nights sleep he might have lost, deciding whether to say it or not. But my God, it was worth it.
My second favourite part of the day, and the thing that also made me love Kate even more, was the moment before the kiss on the balcony. The doors opened, to the tens of thousands stood waiting below the palace, and out came Kate. Her instinctive response and amazement at the sight she saw, was "Wow!".
This moment showed that even though she's now a princess, she's still who she always was. The title hasn't changed her one bit. It reiterated to the public, even though she is royalty now, she is genuine, she's not putting on a facade for anybody. And I think that makes her the most deserving woman to be transformed from a civilian to a princess.
So I want to thank you Kate, for making little girls dreams of marrying Prince Charming, become a little bit more believable... So if you wouldn't mind giving me Prince Harry's number - that would be great...

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