Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bridal Body Confidence

I have dealt with many different brides, all ranging from below a size 4 to way over a size 30, and I of course am not stereotyping all brides either side of this size margin, but from personal experience many of them feel uncomfortable trying on dresses and do not show half the excitement of that as a body confident bride.
From my point of view, regardless of the dress a bride finally chooses, she will always look a million dollars. Be it that she's chosen a sale gown, borrowed a dress from a friend, made the dress herself or even is she has splashed out thousands on "the one" - you stick a woman in piece of flowing white material with a splash of make up and a beaming smile, and they will look the part.
Very often we have brides-to-be come into our shop who sadly sometimes feel as though they will not make the picture-perfect bride. The hang-up that these brides have is the fact they feel their bodies are inadequate to pull off an expensive, beautiful gown. I have dealt with many of these brides and I have to admit it is heartbreaking to see women feel so self-conscious over something they feel will stop them from being jaw-droppingly stunning on their Big Day.
Unfortunately, once or twice I have struggled to find the beaming smile which completes a bride-to-be. A brides first experience in a bridal shop ought to be where that grin starts, and that dazzling smile should continue right up to the wedding day. I imagine ALL brides are apprehensive when headed to their first consultation in a bridal boutique, overthing about being stood infront of a total stranger who will be dressing them in thousands of pounds worth of material goods... in underwear! (...Not the consultant. If it is - get out.)
All us women, unfortunately, have some flaw we notice each day, or something we'd prefer to have altered or removed. Very rarely is there a woman who is 100% satisfied with herself (if there is, email me her details... I'd like tips!). And unfortunately this is just the harsh reality. However, no matter what this particular flaw may be, you should never, ever let it ruin your experience as a bride. Each woman deserves the chance to shine on their day, as we do everyday. (In reality though, nobody really has the energy to shine EVERY single day, it would take an awful lot of expense, dedication and time, and let's face it - we're all too busy!) Which is why a wedding day is classed as the bride's day. It is her day to look flawless and beautiful, and walk with confidence down the aisle in THE stunning, white dress.
As I said earlier, it breaks my heart to see women shying away from being confident in respect to finding the right dress. As bridal consultants, we do not notice these flaws that worry these women so. We notice the beaming smile, the excitement in their eyes and the beauty that is in every single bride-to-be. So if any future brides are infact reading this, listen to me when I say you will look gorgeous on your day, and enjoy every single minute that you spend in the boutiques you go to, it's the first big step on the way to being that picture-perfect bride.

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