Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Marry Christmas

Well ladies and gents - it's that time of year, where the wine and food is flowing, along with proposals...
Many of you reading this may have actually got engaged today, and congratulations to those of you that have. Proposals on Christmas are always something to cherish. The day will from then always have a deeper sentimental value to you, and on the plus side, your fianc√© can't forget the date ;)
For those of you haven't been proposed to today - have no fear. This is the season packed full of love and excitement, and new year is also yet to happen. New year is again, a beautiful and memorable time to propose.
And what's a better Christmas gift for your lady than an engagement ring? The one piece of jewellery that a woman fantasies over. Especially if you've already discussed the chance of an upcoming proposal. Let me tell any of you gentlemen who might be reading this - you cannot, will not and shall not go wrong if you go with Tiffany & Co.
I don't think any man understands the power this little blue box holds.
In fact, you really don't need to worry about the shape, style or colour of the ring - so long as it's all wrapped up in this beautiful case of aqua! ... Joking, the ring itself is important too, I'm just trying to put this into perspective for those who are contemplating where to buy the engagement ring!
Tiffany&Co. have some absolutely stunning designs, such as this beauty:
Style: Embrace
This shimmering piece of magic comes in two colours, you have Crystal, or Sapphire... which matches that little blue box perfectly!
This ring will be the subject of plenty of conversations whether you know the people or not - it's bound to grab the attention of passers by... It's too big and beautiful not to!
The jewellery company Pandora have also caused quite a stir in the retail market over the past few years, and their popularity is growing! They're infamous for their charm bracelets, but with their fame increasing - people are beginning to go to Pandora for more than just charms. Pandora have some incredible ring designs too, and are a great alternative price-wise if Tiffany&Co. is just a little bit over budget! A lot of the designs at Pandora are unique too, so if you're a lady who doesn't necessarily want to follow the crowd with a traditional ring, you may want to drop some hints about this fab company!
I wish all you lovely readers, a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I hope it's full of surprises, excitement and most of all - love.
Marry Christmas... ;)

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