Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Vintage Accessories: The Birdcage Veil

In previous blog posts, I have gone into detail about vintage wedding themes, and briefly mentioned birdcage veils. With the vintage wedding theme clearly becoming more and more popular, I've decided to dedicate a blog post to each individual aspect of a vintage wedding theme, in order to help you brides who as lusting after this fabulously fashionable theme.
So I've decided I'm going to do my first post which is solely dedicated to the vintage theme, about birdcage veils...
Veils are fabulous, as I'm sure you've read elsewhere on my blog, I'm a sucker for tradition. And nothing screams "traditional bride" to me, like a veil does. I've noticed too, when at work and dressing up brides-to-be, that conversations go a lot like this:
Me: Have you thought about a veil?
Bride-to-be: Erm, yes I have. I don't like them.
Me: Shall we just try one? You don't know unless you try!
Bride-to-be: OK then
*puts veil on bride-to-be*
Bride-to-be: Oh my God! I feel like a real bride! 

And it's true! It sounds pushy - but a bride doesn't know if she likes something unless she tries it. As I'm sure most of the brides reading this have found, you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to finding your outfit for the day. A dress style that you think you like might not be right for you, and those dress styles that you ruled out before trying them on might look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.
So, you're a bride with her heart set on a vintage wedding for your big day. You've found your dress, you've got the men kitted out, you've got the venue, the transport, the bridesmaids sorted, the catering, the flowers, the seating plan... What about your accessories?
For me, nothing is as effective for a bride wanting to look retro and vintage, quite like a birdcage veil. I have to admit, when they're not being worn, and you are just looking at them on a display cabinet - they can look a little frightening. But don't let that put you off!
Birdcage veils are extremely easy to pull off, so long as you have the confidence to do so. They surprisingly suit a number of different style dresses - not just that stereotypical, lacy, vintage dress. These style of veils also look their best with an updo, just to stretch your theme even more, try a twisted updo with perhaps a little beehive bump, to make you look super retro!
One of the best places I've found to buy these fabulous accessories is the online store "Not on the High street". They've got a rather impressive collection of these veils, and they're also not too costly!
I personally love this full faced birdcage veil, by Faulkner & Carter London, for only £55...
Silk Bow With Birdcage Veil
Style: Silk Bow with Birdcage Veil
Click the link below to browse their collection of birdcage veils.
The best thing about this website is also that a lot of the vendors on it, ship worldwide!
What I also love about the birdcage veil - is that anybody can wear them. You don't have to be a certain age in order to pull them off. I've seen brides ranging from all ages, from 20 to 50+ who plan on wearing these veils - and each bride who wears one looks absolutely timeless.
Although I harp on about the tradition of veils, a birdcage veil is a great way to step away from tradition if you're wanting a different type of wedding style. Some brides just don't feel like they suit the typical tulle style of veil, and the birdcage veil gives a unique twist on that tradition and allows the bride to have fun with her outfit.
The birdcage veils also look absolutely incredible with tea-length dresses. Again, because they just heighten the vintage-ness that a tea-length dress brings. A splash of red lipstick - and before you know it you're a 50s bride, in the 21st century, turning heads for all the right reasons.
So go out there and try one! You don't know until you try

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