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Styling Your Bridesmaids!


Bridesmaids. Some say no bride is complete without them, and depending on the style of wedding the bride is planning on - I agree. Not only do the bridesmaids aid the aesthetics of the ceremony and the photos - when the bride needs a helping hand, the bridesmaids are there to rely on.
The concept of bridesmaids originated during Roman times, when a lawful wedding required witnesses in order to outsmart evil spirits. The evil spirits were believed to be in attendance at all weddings, so the bridesmaids and groomsmen would all dress in identical outfits to the bride and groom - to confuse the spirits as to who was getting married. This was to protect the couple actually getting married, from being cursed. However... clearly times have changed. Instead of blending in to the bridal party, the bride wants to stand out. Evil spirits are clearly not so much of a threat nowadays, at least not at the expense of looking drop-dead-gorgeous on your day.
Bridesmaids are usually best friends of the bride, sisters of the bride or at least close family. And the number of maids a bride has is completely up to her. The bridesmaids are there to support the bride, and do all the little jobs a bride shouldn't have to do on her day. The biggest issue faced in this day and age with bridesmaids, however, is what will they be wearing?
It's easier to decide when a colour theme is already set, but what if one of your bridesmaids doesn't suit the particular colour that the bride has her heart set on? Whether it be unflattering on her body shape or skin tone, or the shape or style of the dress that the bride has selected is ill fitting on some of the maids. There are ways and means to avoid bridesmaid blues when it comes to finding the dresses. For example, have you thought of having your bridesmaids dressed in all different dresses? This can make a huge impact aesthetically, but it has to be done right.
In my opinion, the best way this can be pulled off, is with 6 or more bridesmaids. If for example, there was just 3 - the girls would blend in with the wedding guests, and just like the bride - these girls have to stand out. So one option is to have a mixture of styles all within the same colour palette, as pictured above. This allows the bridesmaids to personally select a style that they will be comfortable wearing all day instead of being told what they're wearing and having no say in the matter.
If as a bride, you are not feeling daring enough to do something so dramatic as to dress all of them completely differently (Bare in mind it might be you paying for them all!). Then have you thought about doing the different style, but in the same colour? This option is great for a bridal party who have lots of style requirements in order for them to look fab! For example, one of the bridesmaids may have a fuller bust and would feel a lot more comfortable in a dress with straps for support, than wear a strapless dress like the rest and feel over-exposed. The same for a bridesmaid who perhaps has less of a bust and doesn't want to wear a low cut V-neck dress like the other bridesmaids. This styling idea can save a lot of tears, body qualms and tantrums!

Or vice versa... Have the bridesmaids in the same style of dress but all in different colours. This works great for those maids who may have a paler complexion than the others, and this allows them to choose a colour which would compliment their skin tones and feel comfortable on the day...
One theme that has got very popular in the past few years is the Rainbow Theme, which is also demonstrated in the picture above. You could have all the girls in different styles and different colours because this theme is just so quirky! The wedding party in the photo below have gone far enough to incorporate the groomsmen in on the colour theme which compliments the bridesmaids styling too. We here at Vogue Bride love this theme!

Bridesmaids are a great tool for the bride to pull off a great wedding theme, and they're also there to help with anything she may need. There are a billion and one ways that bridesmaids can be styled, from their bouquet and dress style, right down to their nail colour.

I hope this post allowed you to consider colour palettes and the visual aesthetics that bridesmaids can bring. There is so much more to write about bridesmaids, so stay tuned for many more posts about these wonderful girls!

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